febi – keeping the LCV fleet on the move

June 14, 2024
febi – keeping the LCV fleet on the move

Today more than ever Light Commercial Vehicles are the powerhouses of our economy. Whether it is for all important deliveries, essential trades and maintenance, or on the farm, vans and light trucks play a vital role in our everyday lives, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The reliability of these vehicles is paramount, with excessive downtime not an option. That is why parts specialist febi has developed a comprehensive programme dedicated to LCV that everyone from factors and workshops, to drivers and fleet managers can rely on. This not only includes high quality, OE-matching replacement parts, but also comprehensive coverage, featuring the latest alternative-fuel models and, very importantly, excellent availability through a nationwide network of local stockists. 

The consistently growing febi LCV range provides over 11,000 replacement parts for light commercial vehicles, and is kept up to the minute with parts introduced monthly to cover the very latest market demands. 

Whether it is for small to large vans, pick-ups, mini buses or ambulances, febi can offer a huge range of replacement parts quickly and at competitive prices. The range covers: 
  • - Steering and suspension. febi are experts in this field and offer over 940 steering and suspension components specifically for LCVs. 
  • - Noise, Vibration and Harshness. febi offers over 1600 NVH parts all in OE matching quality, to guarantee comfort and safety. 
  • - Braking. febi can supply brake pads, discs, callipers and more with a high quality range with over 1000 LCV brake parts. 
  • - Electrics. febi offers a wide range of electrical items dedicated to LCV, with over 1180 items available including a comprehensive range of all new starters and alternators. 
  • - Drivetrain. LCVs place particular demand on these components, so febi offers a range of over 550 articles, including, driveshafts, propshafts, driveshaft joint kits, wheel bearings, wheel hubs, joint discs and axle collars. 
  • - Body and interior. High usage means high wear for LCVs, so febi supplies a range of over 1400 replacement articles for body, chassis and interior. These include, door mirrors, locks, window motors and regulators, weather strips and more. 
  • - febiPLUS. As well as more conventional replacement parts, febiPLUS includes more than 730 items that often might be perceived as only available from dealers. This includes in-demand items such as door rails and handles. 

All of these parts are available from febi stockists nationwide. For more information on the febi range for LCV please click here.    
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