CVRT returns as plans are formulated for the resumption of the NCT

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The return of normal vehicle testing has moved a step closer, but a date for the resumption of the NCT remains unclear.

The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT) has now partially resumed. This is reliant on each individual CVR test operator putting in place measures to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19. Initial testing is for vehicles with a test due date prior to March 28th before the 3-month extension to commercial vehicle certificates of roadworthiness came into effect. The RSA stress that commercial vehicle owners have the responsibility to ensure their vehicles are maintained in a roadworthy condition.

With regard to other services, including the NCT, The Minister of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross said, “I do want to see the phased reopening of the RSA’s services so we can contribute to the process of reopening Ireland’s economy and society.”

The RSA say that following the publication of the Government’s road map for the lifting of Covid19 restrictions, it is studying this document and looking at when services might be able to reopen. It is also consulting with the relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure the reopening of any services meets the government’s and health authorities’ guidelines to prevent the further spread of Covid19. As soon as this is completed, it says it will then be able to update the public on when services will restart. However, it is envisaged that when services reopen it will firstly be on a limited basis, with new protocols in place to meet health guidelines and where customers may need to be prioritised.

In its latest update the NCTS says that since the suspension of testing, it has been working hard reviewing its operations to ensure it safeguards the health, safety and welfare of its customers and employees for when it resumes operations. This has included the submission of a resumption plan to Government in order to resume services safely. This plan is aligned to both the Government Road Map and Health Guidelines.

The NCTS also says that during the suspension of service, it has have been continuing to repair and replace vehicle inspection lifts in its test centres. It has also updated the new test due date for all vehicles that qualify for the 4 month extension as announced by Minister Ross.

So although no firm date has been set for the resumption of the NCT, it does seem that plans are now being implemented to make this happen, something that will be welcome news for garages.