Bosch DAS 3000 makes its mark in Birmingham 

June 17, 2024
Bosch DAS 3000 makes its mark in Birmingham 

ADAS calibration was a popular topic of conversation at the recent Garage and Bodyshop Event in at the NEC, Birmingham and one stand where this was especially in focus was the Bosch stand which had regular demonstrations of it latest ADAS calibration system, the Bosch DAS 3000. 

Bosch ADAS experts were on hand to perform demonstrations and answer questions from the many stand visitors.  

DAS 3000 is a universal computer based calibration device that is now proving popular with bodyshops, garages and windscreen and tyre replacement centres, as the need for calibration grows. 

The system allows workshops to calibrate simply in-house, saving significant time and cost and to calibrate faster, with easy data access and reduced set-up times.  The DAS 3000 package includes LIDAR target, front radar target, night vision target and front camera target. Bosch can also provide calibration mats for rear view cameras, mats for surround view cameras and Doppler simulator, as well as comprehensive ADAS positioning Software. 

Using DAS 3000 and Bosch KTS calibration can be completed in eight simple steps. These are: 

1.    Automatic vehicle identification using KTS
2.    Pre-scan diagnostics report
3.    Select ADAS system to calibrate
4.    Prepare centre line and follow vehicle specific set-up instructions on screen
5.    Position calibration device
6.    Place targets
7.    Confirm and calibrate
8.    Complete post scan diagnostic report

The process allows for perfect measurement accuracy in line with OEM specification. The equipment is also multi brand compatible. 

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