A catalogue of success for Comline brake discs

August 05, 2022
A catalogue of success for Comline brake discs

Comline is constantly adding to its braking range to ensure that it meets the very latest needs of the market. When new additions are made they are of course fully catalogued and high quality images are made available online to make product identification straightforward. 

Each new part is photographed by Comline in-house photographer Danny Buttigieg, at the Comline HQ in Luton. This allows Comline to ensure that high quality and consistent images are always available for global catalogue systems, which ensure customers in Ireland and around the world can always see clear images of all parts. 

Comline supplies an in-depth range of brake disc (brake rotor) references, with all parts having a strong reputation for quality and reliability. The range covers over 1350 applications, the majority of which feature an anti-corrosion coating. This provides coverage of over 90% of European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars and Light Commercial Vehicles. 

Comline says only the finest raw materials are selected for brake disc production with each batch of material tested for hardness, tensile strength, chemical composition and structure. By selecting the right raw materials Comline ensures each brake disc carrying the brand name meets the highest performance and reliability standard.

Precision manufacturing uses state-of-the-art CNC milling machines. These fully automated units are utilised for absolute manufacturing precision, ensuring tight tolerances for consistency of product and of braking performance.

Over 800 references from the Comline range also feature a specialised anti-corrosion coating. This coating is applied to all areas of the disc, including the hub and friction surface, to a maximum thickness of 25 microns, ensuring effective rust protection and premium aesthetics. To achieve this premium finish, each Comline disc is subjected to a nine-stage process that adheres the advanced formulation coating to the precisely manufactured disc. Corrosion resistance is guaranteed by extensive salt spray testing up to 240 hours.

Every Comline disc is checked for run out, disc thickness variation and dynamic balance to ensure conformity and compliance to brand tolerances. The end result is a range of discs that offer ease of installation and  outstanding performance.
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