Inductor Innovations flexible coil for soft dent removal 

February 23, 2022
Inductor Innovations flexible coil for soft dent removal 

The Mini-Ductor, induction heating tool kit is proving very popular with workshops not only for its unique ability to remove seized parts, but also the variety of other tasks it can perform on graphics, dents and mouldings.  

Each kit includes a 7/8” pre-formed coil, 41” Bearing Buddy, and a 23” U-form, Shape-It-Yourself or DIY coil. All induction heating coils are flexible and can be bent or separated to perform a variety of applications.

The U-form coil is a straight heat-resistant flexible coil for do-it-yourself winding, which firmly holds its shape. The flexibility of this coil allows it to be wrapped to fit any application as long as it is wrapped at least three times around the object being heated. This coil can come in handy for various applications like heating O2 sensors, in-line applications, or in a space where a pre-formed coil will not easily fit.

One unique way to use this coil is to form it into a “pancake coil” which can be used to heat the top of a flat surface making it useful on soft surface dents. 

A wound coil is plugged it into the Mini-Ductor unit. The user then holds the flat coil about half an inch to an inch over the top of the dent, heating in a small circular motion around the crown of the dent or the outside circle, gradually bringing the coil closer to the dent. As soon as the dent shrinks, the user pulls the U-form coil away and cools the treated area with a damp cloth.

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You can see a demonstration of soft dent removal video using the Inductor Paintless Dent Repair Baton, which uses the same process below. 
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