OSRAM adds LEDriving EASY range

August 24, 2023
OSRAM adds LEDriving EASY range

Lighting specialist, OSRAM, has introduced an exciting new range, LEDriving HL EASY, for LED high and low beam lamps that comes with a plug and play system, meaning no adapters or caps are needed. 

To take after its name, LEDriving EASY, OSRAM has made this product as easy as possible, especially for drivers upgrading their halogen bulbs to LED for the first time, as this can be difficult with the extra accessories that are sometimes needed. To do this, the company has manufactured these bulbs as socket based, meaning they have no external driver and also do not need additional caps or adapters. Drivers or technicians can simply take the old halogen bulbs out, and replace them with these LED versions. 

With its socket-based solution, the OSRAM LEDriving HL EASY retrofits provide an ultra-compact LED replacement for conventional high and low beam lamps with cool white LED light, providing a stylish look, as well as superior brightness, with an optimised high-speed fan that ensures active cooling and maximised heat dissipation. This new product has a colour temperature of up to 6,500 K, dependent on application. This provides drivers with better visibility, due to the daylight effect and reduced glaring because of the optimised light distribution, all of which allows drivers to see farther and therefore, react sooner to what is on the road. 

With the latest LED technology, these new lamps allow an easy ‘plug and play’ installation, with compatibility for a wide range of car models and are available for H7/H18, H4/H19 and H15 lamps. 

Helpfully OSRAM has an online tool for drivers and technicians to check if its range of LEDs will fit a vehicle: www.osram.com/ledcheck

For the H4/H19 and H7/H18 ranges, there is an OSRAM counter display available to order for workshops and factors to utilise. 

It is important to note that these products are for off road use only and are not ECE approved or road legal. They also do not have CANBUS protection, so an error message may appear on the dashboard if fitted to newer vehicles. However, OSRAM has a range of SMART CANBUS accessories to cancel these error messages on the dash.

For more information on the full OSRAM range visit: www.osram.co.uk/am
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