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XENUM universal DPF Refill Fluid combines quality and economy

Thursday, May 02, 2019

DPF refill fluids are now frequently requested products at every motor factor counter and Carcessories is now offering a very cost effective, but high performance solution from XENUM.

XEMUN has developed an innovative range of automotive techno-chemicals and its DPF Refill Fluid is already proving very popular with customers across Ireland. This universal product offers a great value alternative replacement for soot filter fluids used by various vehicle manufacturers in on-board dosing systems. It is the equivalent of Pat Fluid / Eolys Fluid and performs the vital role of accelerating the combustions of soot particles quickly, completely and regularly at a lower combustion temperature. By doing this the product ensures trouble-free functioning of the DPF and catalytic system and a reduction of emissions.

XENUM DPF Refill Fluid is designed to reduce DPF filter clogging and therefore can significantly extend a DPF’s service life. As a universal product, it can be used in all diesel cars with a refillable on-board dosing system for DPF regeneration, thus avoiding the need to stock multiple fluids.

Carcessories Sales Director, Greg Lonergan, says, “We have only been stocking XENUM DPF Refill Fluid for a couple of months, but have been delighted with the take-up and feedback. Customers are telling us that it a quality product that can compete with the market leaders in this sector, but that it is also very well priced.” He adds, “This is a growing product sector and we really believe that this XENUM product can really help customers to make the most of this opportunity.”

XENUM DPF Refill Fluid is available in a 1 Litre pack size. For more information contact Carcessories on 01 450-2771 or visit www.carcessories.ie

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