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New Continental Timing Chains range makes its mark at Mechanex

Mark Spoffart, Continential, who was at Mechanex promoting the new timing chain range

Mark Spoffart, Continential, who was at Mechanex promoting the new timing chain range

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Mechanex show provided a timely opportunity for Continental to promote its new range of  Timing Chains which will be introduced to the Irish market early next year.

Continental has long been known as a specialist in drive belts and the introduction of replacement timing chains was a logical further step to ensure the overall range was in line with market developments allowing the company to be a full-range provider.

Mark Spofforth of Continental explained that the company was expanding its portfolio with a range of 43 timing chain kits covering the main vehicle applications. He also pointed out that the range provided a solution where engines were known to be problematic and susceptible to failure of the timing chain or timing chain components.

The kits provide customers with a practical, complete solution as all the parts needed for repairs are included. Mark also said that the quality of the parts was up to the exceptional Continental OE standards, with the unique five-year guarantee also applying to the timing chains and timing chain kits.

Signs that a timing chain may need replacement are clicking noises or engine rattling. The engine light may also light up. Due to the lengthening of the chain, the control times change, which can lead to potential engine damage in modern engines. Emissions values also deteriorate dramatically and a car runs the risk of failing its NCT.

Timely chain replacement can avoid higher subsequent repair costs. Continental recommends replacing not only the timing chain but the entire system comprising timing chain, tensioner, tensioning rail and slide rail in the event of clicking, rattling or an illuminated engine light. This is because, in addition to the elongation of the timing chain, the chain tensioner can also be the cause of irregular engine function. The new parts will fit together optimally and prevent any engine damage only if they are all replaced together.

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