At your Factor - Ford Focus Mk3

July 13, 2021
At your Factor - Ford Focus Mk3

Hardly a week will pass, when an independent garage won’t be asked to service or repair a Ford Focus. It has been one of the biggest selling cars in Ireland for decades and the Mk111 version, manufactured from 2011 to 2018, has proved to be especially popular.

With most of these models now outside of the Ford warranty period, they are frequent visitors to independent workshops and as most technicians will appreciate, the range of repairs required can run far beyond normal brake pad or filter replacement.

Product specialist at parts supplier febi work tirelessly to identify parts that are especially in demand on a particular vehicle and add these to the huge febi range. This provides garages with access to less common and niche parts for the MkIII Focus all in febi OE matching quality and at prices that can offer very significant savings over the dealer alterative.

Febi says its range of components for the Focus covers just about every need and includes everything from simple items such as a Wheel Nut or Protective Shock Cap to more complex items such as, Manifold Pressure Sensors, Solenoid Valves for camshaft adjustment and Boost-Pressure control valves. It also features frequent fix parts that have been identified as common issues on this model such as the Heater Blower Resistor and Screen Wash Level Sensor.

These and many other febi parts for the Ford Focus are available from local motor factors nationwide.
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