High voltage warning signs now essential for garages 

May 22, 2023
High voltage warning signs now essential for garages 

With increasing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road requiring maintenance, it is now essential for garage owners to provide adequate warnings of the danger of high voltage vehicles to both staff and customers. Laser Tools has approached the subject on the basis of offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for workshop high voltage vehicle requirements, covering all aspects of workshop safety, vehicle safety, personal safety, and appropriate tools and equipment. 

New to this range is a pack of three high-voltage signs (part number 8462), designed to be written on by the authorised technician undertaking work on an EV or Hybrid vehicle. Sized at 210 x 300 x 2mm, they feature three colour-coded tick boxes, together with a section to sign and date, and because they can be wiped clean, they can be used time and time again. Each of the signs are drilled in the top corners, and are supplied with plastic hanging hooks.

These signs are vital to inform employees and customers of risks concerned with high voltage vehicles. Laser Tools also offers a comprehensive range of GS and VDE certificated high voltage insulated tools from socket sets and torque wrenches to spanners and screwdrivers. The range also includes high voltage testers, clamp meters and insulation testers.

The full range of tools, equipment and warning materials is available from Laser Tools stockist.
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