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FUCHS Lube Cube builds strong interest in Birmingham

The FUCHS team with the innovative Lube Cube packaging. Pictured left to right are, Richard Rogers, Rob East and Kevin McNnelly.

The FUCHS team with the innovative Lube Cube packaging. Pictured left to right are, Richard Rogers, Rob East and Kevin McNnelly.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Attracting lots of attention at the FUCHS lubricants stand at Automechanika Birmingham was Lube Cube, the company’s innovative and environmentally friendly oil packaging.

With plastic waste now a major environmental concern, FUCHS has introduced the Lube Cube, a smart and eco-friendly alternative to rigid plastic containers. The Lube Cube is a "bag-in-box” concept, manufactured with a 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard outer layer and a 98% recyclable inner layer. This means that once empty, the containers can be flattened and disposed of in the recycling bin, significantly reducing waste disposal costs.

Lube Cubes provide reliable and controlled anti-spill pouring and have a collapsible inner bag, ensuring maximum product drainage, meaning minimal waste and spillage. The rectangular design also allows easy storage in reduced space.

Available in a selection of sizes and for a wide range of lubricants, the Lube Cube can also provide significant cost saving. For example the 20L cube offers improved storage capacity compared to traditional plastic packaging, allowing 14% more product to fit on a pallet and thus reduce storage and handling expense.

The packaging also presents a more environmentally sensitive image to increasingly environmentally conscious buyers.

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