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Rejuvenate older engines
Thursday, October 11, 2018
LIQUI MOLY is urging garages to give older petrol engines a new lease of life by using its injection cleaner additive.

The oil and additive specialist says that over the course of years the engine loses more and more of its performance. Its fuel consumption goes up, as do its emissions values. The fault lies with deposits on the inside of the engine that impede combustion. There are always combustion deposits that settle in the injection system and disrupt the injection of fuel. This makes combustion even worse and deposits are created even more quickly, something of a vicious cycle. The older the engine is, the more encrustations it carries around with it on the inside. Poor petrol quality can also add to the problem.

However, LIQUI MOLY says that restoring original performance and consumption values is not difficult. LIQUI MOLY Injection Cleaner is simply poured into the fuel tank. Every time the engine is running, the cleaning ingredients, together with the petrol, get into the injection system and disintegrate the encrustations. The dissolved dirt is burnt in the engine and emitted together with the exhaust gases. This means the combustion chamber becomes clean again. Injection Cleaner can also be used preventively, for example, one can every 2,000 kilometres means deposits will not form.

The LIQUI MOLY Injection Cleaner was tested by Automobile Prüftechnik Landau (APL), a German testing institute, which predominantly carries out engine tests for car manufacturers. To begin with the engineers were sceptical regarding the effect of additives. But the test results convinced them – to such an extent that they now use Injection Cleaner themselves in order to free their test engines from deposits.

Categories:  Aftermarket > Garage