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Q1 set to take masking to another level
  To receive a Free Q1 sample kit,email and quote code – Autob17 or call 0044-1543-578331  
To receive a Free Q1 sample kit,email and quote code – Autob17 or call 0044-1543-578331
Monday, March 13, 2017

A new masking concept called Q1 from PPM Industries, is now being introduced in Ireland and the PPM team believe it will make progressive bodyshops take a fresh look at the whole masking process.
PPM Industries is a European leader in the masking tape field. Owned by the Pellegrini family and based in Northern Italy, the business was established in 1993 by a team with great sector expertise. The company is a true masking products specialist and has a €80 million turnover in 43 countries across Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. The initial concentration was supplying tapes for decorating and construction, indeed if you buy masking tape in any large DIY chain there is a good chance that it is actually made by PPM.
With business growth, the company looked for new opportunities which not only lead to the creation of refinishing products, but also the acquisition of a UK distribution business in 2011.  
Matteo Pellegrini, PPM Director and Chief Commercial Officer, says that establishing a base in the UK has been important for development. He comments, "Our UK distribution base has allowed us to get closer to the market and means we can be more flexible in meeting customer needs. In refinish terms, it has also meant we can get much closer to the bodyshops and tailor products to their unique demands.”
Using this market feedback, PPM has invested significantly in R&D to develop products for progressive repairers. Davide Zamporri, PPM Marketing Manager, comments, "The refinish process has evolved rapidly in recent years in terms of the type of paints and materials in use, the variety of surfaces being painted and drying processes. While the masking technology of some suppliers has failed to adapt products to meet new demands, our R&D team works tirelessly to ensure our products can meet any new challenges.”
As part of the product development process, PPM works very closely with a leading prestige UK accident repair centre called Shorade, whose manufacturer approvals include,  Bentley, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Porsche and Lamborghini. This allows PPM to test its masking products and recommended processes in one of the most demanding work environments imaginable. David Bloxham National Sales Manager for Q1 says, "At Shorade our products have to work under extreme stress and perform to the ultimate standards. It means we know that if a tape can cope with the 9 layer repair process on a Lamborghini we can be totally confident of its performance in any refinish situation.”
Based on this extensive research, development and testing, PPM is now looking to take refinish masking to a whole new level with its Q1 concept. The Q1 range includes specialist masking tapes, foam tapes, masking films and paper.  The products draw on the company’s vast experience as a true tapes specialist to deliver outstanding benefits to refinishers. The tapes use specially developed adhesive which provide temperature resistance up to 110°C and adhere easily to even the most difficult irregular surfaces without lifting or tearing. Suitable for all types of paint and lacquer the tapes easy and consistent unwind, speeds up the application process and crucially the demasking process is quicker and easier with no adhesive residues. This means sharp and clean paint edges every time.
David Bloxham says, "On average masking products account for some 10% of a bodyshop’s paint and material spend and we are confident that the Q1 range can reduce masking cost through improved product performance and reduced wastage. Crucially, the products can also save considerable time on the masking and demasking process and provide a significant productivity boost.”
Davide Zampori adds, "The positive reaction to Q1 since Automechanika shows that bodyshops are ready to take a fresh look at masking and adopt new products and processes. With its strong image, outstanding product quality and excellent back-up, Q1 can provide a premium quality masking solution that takes a bodyshop to the next masking level.”
For more information and to receive a Free Q1 sample kit - call 0044-1543-578331 or email and quote code – Autob17.

  LtoR: David Bloxham, National Sales Manager Q1, Matteo Pellegrini, Director & Chief Commercial Officer, Davide Zamporri PPM Marketing Manager,   
LtoR: David Bloxham, National Sales Manager Q1, Matteo Pellegrini, Director & Chief Commercial Officer, Davide Zamporri PPM Marketing Manager,

Categories:  Bodyshop


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