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MANNOL making moves in Ireland
Jevgenij Lyzko, MANNOL UK
Thursday, March 16, 2017

MANNOL has been the major success story in terms of lubricants in the Irish Aftermarket over recent years. Autobiz spoke to Jevgenij Lyzko, head of MANNOL UK, to find out how the brand has developed in Ireland and how the company plans to build on these strong foundations.
What is your background and how did you arrive at your present position at Mannol?
I started my career in the head office of SCT and have been working with MANNOL for more than five years now.  Back in the day I was head of sales of SCT-Germany in JCC countries and the European region. In 2013, I established MANNOL in the UK and my previous experience on the continent is playing a huge role in how the brand is developing here.

How has Mannol developed in European terms since it was first established?
MANNOL’s started in 1993, when SCT-Germany was established. We have developed into a world-wide brand, selling in over 92 countries.

Mannol has experienced some tremendous growth in the Irish Aftermarket in recent years, what have been the factors that have contributed to this success?
When we launched MANNOL UK, we knew that logistically it would be difficult to distribute products ourselves in Ireland, so we looked for a sub-distributor who would share our pro-active and creative approach. When I talked to Carcessories, I was impressed by their enthusiasm to introduce new product to the market and expand business. Greg Lonergan and his team have done a great job with MANNOL and have achieved huge success in a short time. We still have a lot to do still together but the results are really impressive.

The oil market has changed dramatically in recent times with far more emphasis on vehicle specific lubricants. Why is it so vital to choose the correct oil spec and do you think technicians in Ireland have now fully embraced this concept, or is there still some way to go?  
We believe that customers like their cars to be in perfect condition and that is why you need to look after it. Back in the 80’s-90’s lubricant choice was limited to really 15w40, 5w40, 10w40. However, modern cars are coming out every year with their own special lubricant requirements. I believe that most of the technicians are aware of vehicle specs, but not everyone has enough time to study, and this is where every local supplier and distributor must be involved to assist and explain the importance of all new products and their features.

How do you ensure that the oils you supply are of the necessary quality to meet vehicle manufacturer requirements?
Our factory has a fully accredited ISO certified laboratory, where every single batch is tested before filling and then held for a minimum of 5 years from the date of production, together with each batches quality certificate. MANNOL also has a wide range of products that are fully approved by manufactures like Daimler, VW, MAN, Volvo etc.

Oils appear to offer excellent business growth and profit potential for motor factors. What advice would you give to them to fully capitalise on the opportunities they present?
I personally believe that each motor factor must have a full range of lubricants available in stock and well presented, as you never know which customer will come through your door next. A satisfied customer will return and this is a sure way to make a business grow.

Mannol has a number of different oil brands, what is the strategy for their development in the Irish market?
Yes, we also work with Fanfaro, Pemco and Chempioil, which all are quality products with car manufacturer approvals. This is all about fair healthy competition. We see the UK and Irish markets as potentially huge, and as we do care about our partners and customers, we have split them between the 4 brands to avoid possible clashes.

As well as oils, Mannol offers a variety of other essential fluids, maintenance products and a growing portfolio of SCT hard parts. Do you intend to expand this offer even further?
MANNOL is an oil brand, but as well we offer a variety of automotive chemicals and a wide range of SCT-Germany consumable spare parts, such as: fuel, oil, transmission, air and cabin filters, brake pads, workshop equipment, wiper blades, bulbs for both commercial and passenger vehicles. We expand our portfolio everyday, as demand is growing and people like our quality/price ratio.

How do you see the aftermarket oil sector developing over the next 5 years?
The market is live, and each day more and more hybrid and electric cars appear on the roads. Our factory is constantly developing new products to satisfy our customers’ needs. Being up-to-date is the only way to survive the competition.


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