Create custom tools, art, and more using induction heat

July 12, 2021
Create custom tools, art, and more using induction heat

Induction heating tools from Inductor Innovations are now widely used in many Irish garages and workshops as a simple, safe and quick way to release seized and corroded fittings. However, the same tools can also be used to get creative and customise metal hand tools and even produce unique metal art pieces.

Induction innovations says its induction heating system for instance can allow a technician to adapt a spanner to fit a specific workspace. Instead of using a torch to heat the metal, the technician uses magnetic induction heat from Induction Innovations. This process is made easy with a wide variety of products ranging in power from 1000 watts to 5000+ watts.

To shape ferrous metal the user selects the power needed to match the metal to be formed. Generally more thicknesses will require more power. The metal is heated to the desired temperature to achieve a malleable/softened state. It can then be shape as required.

By using the induction heating tools users can also create drying hooks, racks, retail displays, frames, or even artworks.

A video of a technician creating a customer spanner can be viewed here. The users takes a standard wrench and puts it in a vice. He then uses the Mini-Ductor to heat the middle of the wrench for about 10-15 seconds and uses pliers to easily bend the wrench to a 90-degree angle.

Another video demonstration show the ease with which a steel bar can be bent using the Mini-Ductor Venom HP. This shows the versatility of the tool and how heat can be used to make custom display racks. To view the video click here.

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