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Draper van demonstrates more tool time savers
Wednesday, November 01, 2017
The Draper Tool Demonstration vans was visiting garage customers in Ireland recently and one of the biggest talking points, was the Draper range of Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners.
Ultrasonic cleaners provide an extremely effective means of removing dirt and grime on small parts and are especially suitable for the growing number of intricate electrical and engine management components found on vehicles. The clean and safe process utilises the latest technology for delivering high frequency vibrations in fluid, which enacts a process called non-inertial cavitation.
This process creates microscopic bubbles in fluids that subsequently become compressed due to the higher pressure of the surrounding fluid leading to the microscopic bubbles imploding. This implosive action generates intense localised heat and agitation, delivering a highly effective scrubbing action on the surface of the items being cleaned.
The cleaners are suitable for use with water or non-volatile cleaning agents. Units are available in 3, 9 and 27 Litre options, are manufactured from stainless steel and come with a stainless steel basket.
Many garages have reported excellent results on items such as injectors and providing a cost effective alternative to often expensive replacement.
Catching the eye of mechanics looking into the van was a Generation 2 Wheel Bearing Replacement Kit. Gen2 bearings are fitted to many Ford, Land Rover, Mazda, VW and Volvos models and demand dedicated tools when they need to be replaced. If these bearings are pressed into place as a conventional bearing, the force applied causes stress to the bearing and rapid deterioration.
To help avoid potential high failure rates, Draper has developed this specialist Generation 2 installation kit, which correctly distributes the pressing forces through the outer bearing, alleviating the potential for bearing failure. This also allows the suspension leg to remain in-situ when fitting the new bearings, saving time. Included in the kit (Part No. SSK18) is a selection of specialist tools, enabling a wide range of GEN2 bearings to be more effectively replaced.


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