Irish distributor of well known brands of car parts and automotive tools

OTTO is one of Ireland's premier specialist car parts and automotive tool suppliers, with three strategic branch locations in Dublin, Galway and Cork, an expanding on-line store, and a highly effective nationwide delivery service. Established in 1995, OTTO quickly developed a reputation in the Irish aftermarket for its expertise in the supply of parts for German marques, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and VW. The expanding organisation has since gone on to translate this to the general aftermarket supply, while also developing additional expertise in the supply of parts for Land Rover, Mini, Opel, Porsche, SAAB, Seat, Skoda, Smart and Volvo vehicles. OTTO has developed a portfolio of some of the most respected brands in the aftermarket, with many being original equipment suppliers to the car manufacturers. This allows the company to offer its customers premium quality components, but at prices that represent excellent value. Each range is also fully supported by OTTO.
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