German OE and aftermarket supplier of clutch and transmission components

Part of the Schaeffler Group of companies, LuK is a world-leading supplier of systems and components for the automotive drive trains, on a global basis. The company was founded by Georg Schaeffler and Wilhelm Schaeffler in 1965, with the initial aim of supplying diaphragm spring clutches for the successor of the VW Beetle. Its success has been growing year-on-year since then, and today every third new car which rolls off the production line is fitted with a LuK clutch. LuK is a true innovator in clutch technology, and was the pioneer of the dual mass flywheel in 1985. It has also led the way in the development of CVTs and electromagnetically-automated manual gearboxes. Current R&D efforts focus on components for hybrid drives as well as on the further development of conventional transmission components, in particular of future-oriented double-clutch systems. As well as being a leading OE supplier, LuK also supplies a wide range of original clutch and transmission components to the aftermarket.
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