Induction Innovations

A leading supplier of induction heating equipment for safe and reliable garage use

Induction Innovations
Induction Innovations is a US based manufacturer and supplier of induction heaters which are especially useful in the automotive workshop environment. The company offers a range of induction tools and equipment including the Mini-Ductor which has become especially popular with users in Ireland. This compact and easy to use induction heater works with high-frequency magnetic fields to heat metal objects without an open flame. This makes it especially useful for removing old, rusted or corroded parts and fixings, windows, body panels, and much more safely and speedily.   The use of the Mini-Ductor or other Induction Innovations equipment removes the need for the use of potentially dangerous Oxyacetylene equipment. It also reduces the potential for heat damage to adjacent parts or wiring. The removal Oxyacetylene gas from a workshop can also drastically cut insurance premiums. The but can also provide a boost to workshop productivity.
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