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Cars could be written off because of damaged headlights
Thursday, November 08, 2018
The cost of headlamp replacement on some models is now rising so high that there is a danger that vehicles could be written off because of it. This is the finding of a new UK study by consumer website WhatCar?

The study covered 13 models and found that in one instance the cost of a headlamp replacement was £846. Taking examples of vehicles fitted with standard bulbs and HID or LED bulbs the difference was stark. For example on a Suzuki Swift SZ3 or SZT a new bulb can be as little as £4, but on the Suzuki SZ5 a replacement HID unit cost £684. A similar picture was found when comparing a standard VW Polo bulb to a LED headlight unit as fitted to up spec models. The problem was also found not to be restricted to sealed units. For example a Vauxhall Corsa Elite, HID bulb costs £317.

Claire Evans, consumer editor at What Car?, said, “The longevity of HID bulbs makes them a viable option on a new car. However, if you are buying a used car as a second household vehicle or as a first car for a son or daughter, you could be landed with a massive repair bill for a blown bulb that could even render the car a write-off due to it being uneconomical to repair.”

These high replacement cost will deter some drivers, but fast developing lighting technology will continue to move ahead at pace. The ray of hope for motorists is that the situation should ease as aftermarket lighting suppliers develop more affordable replacement technology.

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Categories:  Bodyshop > Aftermarket > Garage