Smoother running engines with MANNOL Diesel Ester Additive

Monday, May 24, 2021

Bringing the benefits of aerospace technology development to the automotive world, Mannol Diesel Ester Additive is a product that is currently making a big impression on the Irish aftermarket.

This complex anti-wear additive (Product code: 9930) is for all types of diesel fuel and especially for types I and II with a low sulphur content. The product forms a stable and strong lubricating Estero-oil film with a high degree of adsorption on the components and parts of the fuel system. This significantly reduces the coefficient of friction of the contacting surfaces and therefore greatly reduces their wear. This effect is especially evident in high-pressure fuel pumps in a pair of plunger-sleeve, injectors and pump-injectors, which significantly increases the service life of this expensive equipment. For a high-pressure fuel pumps, this eliminates the main cause of wear of the plunger pairs which is low-quality dry diesel fuel.

Diesel Ester Additive forms an additional stable and strong lubricating complex Estero-oil film in the combustion chamber, reducing wear of the sleeve and compression rings, as well as valve seats.

Due to the cleaning additives in the formulation, the product also effectively cleans the components and parts of the fuel system from dirt and deposits of all types, and the combustion chamber from carbon deposits formed during the combustion of fuel.  It prevents the formation of new deposits on non-conjugated surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys due to the formation of a special oil protective film. This also has a pronounced anti-corrosion effect.

Ignition promoters contained in the additive improve the fuel efficiency, resulting in a fuel mixture that ignites faster and then burns smoothly reducing the dynamic load on the cylinder-piston group.

Diesel Ester Additive also restores the elasticity and volume of rubber seals, prevents oxidation of fuel and reduces fuel consumption and exhaust gas toxicity by increasing the completeness of fuel combustion. ;

The additive is recommended for regular use with 50 ml suitable for the treatment of 50 litres of fuel.