Improved protection & performance with MANNOL Ester additives

Monday, March 22, 2021

MANNOL continues to bring the benefits of aerospace technology to the automotive aftermarket, with its range of Ester based products. This not only includes advanced lubricants, but also a unique range of innovative additives that can provide added protection for engines and a major boost to vehicle performance.

The MANNOL Ester additive range includes six easy to use products, with engine additives and fuel additives for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

MANNOL Ester Additive (9929) is an innovative oil additive engine protection product, based on synthetic esters, suitable for all types of engines and oil. The ester molecules in additives are magnetised to metal surfaces, due to their pronounced polarity and create a dense and very strong oil film. The effect is to increase load capacity, reduce wear, thus extending the life of the engine and/or transmission components and to save fuel. The additive also has excellent anticorrosive and antioxidant properties. Regular use will extend oil life, improves cold start performance, reduces engine wear and penetrates and restores worn oil seals. Importantly, it also improves cleaning and dispersing properties, preventing deposits of lacquers, resins and sludge; which decrease performance and can result in long term reliability issues.

MANNOL Motor Life Extender (9943) is an innovative engine protection lubrication system sealant, based on complex synthetic esters, also suitable for all engines and oils. It is specially designed to eliminate leaks caused by mechanical wear of engine parts by adding modifiers. It also penetrates and restores seals and will increase oil viscosity and reduce oil consumption, while offering increased protection and boosting fuel economy.

MANNOL Benzin Ester Additive (9950) is a lubricating fuel additive for all types of petrol engines, including those with direct fuel injection into cylinders. This balanced package of additives meets the very latest engine requirements, boosting fuel quality and improving performance. It contains a friction modifier and an ignition promoter, which improves combustion and reduces the formation of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. With regular use, engine performance improves and significant fuel savings of 2-5% are achievable. The additive also protects the entire fuel system and its individual elements from corrosion.   

MANNOL Burning Booster (9939) is a fuel combustion activator for petrol engines, designed to reduce fuel consumption and protect the engine, especially from the effects of low quality fuels.

For diesel engines there is MANNOL Diesel Ester Additive (9930), which offers a similar level of protection and performance boosting properties and is especially effective in high pressure diesel injection systems. There is also a MANNOL Winter Diesel additive (9983).

Jevgenij Lyzko, MANNOL MD says, “Our range of Ester additives has been very well received, with both drivers and technicians quickly recognising what they can do for a car. The products allow all types of engines to benefit from the highly advanced properties of Ester technology, meaning a boost to engine performance, longer life of both components and oil and reduced emissions and fuel consumptions.”