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Customer stopping with SCT PROFI LINE pads

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Since their introduction into the Irish market SCT– Germany PROFI LINE brake pads have been rapidly gaining in popularity, with customers impressed by the value and coverage on offer. But as Jevgenij Lyzko of SCT explains, garages fitting these pads have also been very impressed by their quality and performance and once they have used PROFI LINE brake pads they are more than likely to come back for more.

Jevgenij says, "In the manufacturing process more than 50 different friction material formulas are used to ensure correct and consistent performance for each application under different temperatures and other conditions.” He adds, "The pads also feature a very advanced adhesive and an intermediate layer with a higher resin content that reduces heat transfer to the brake fluid, which can reduce braking performance. As well as this they are also slotted in line with OEM design to prevent heat expansion cracks and reduce noise.”

Jevgenij also points out that the PROFI LINE brake pads feature a chamfer, again in line with OEM specification. This also reduces noise and prevents edge lifting and corrosion which both extend the life of the pad and add to braking efficiency. Backing plates are also powder coated to prevent corrosion issues and extend pad life.

The pads also feature an advanced engineered shim with a single layer of steel with a high temperature rubber coating. Each shim is also hot bonded to eliminate delamination and further dampen braking noise.

SCT says that its pads meet the strictest EU safety requirements and are certified to ECE R90 standard, which is stamped on each pad as an assurance of quality. Pads are also subjected to strict quality testing which includes, dynometer tests, AMS braking distance tests and noise behaviour and weather tests both in the lad and on the road.

Jevgenij comments, "The advanced design and manufacturing of SCT pads means they offer outstanding performance both for high-speed motorway use and stop-go city driving. They also have an excellent price-quality ratio which makes them very attractive to both garages and motorists.

SCT– Germany PROFI LINE pads are available from stockists across Ireland.

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